Invest In Your Community's Future as a "Stockholder"

Community Stockholders are those who wish the Potomac Highlands to prosper, where:

  • our families grow and live healthfully;
  • our citizens work, create and learn successfully;
  • our businesses and enterprises thrive.

As a stockholder, you may wish to invest in the community's future by supporting its community college. Donations to the Eastern Foundation support the College's students, programs, activities and initiatives, including lifelong learning, cultural activities and regional economic development.

Donors may choose from a variety of ways to support Eastern WV Community and Technical College. Most prefer to make a donation in dollars to the College's Foundation. If you are ready to invest in the College and the communities it serves, the most convenient way for many is via the secure PayPal link on this webpage.

To donate, just fill out the form below to specify what type of donation you want to make, and the amount of the donation

Eastern will accept checks addressed to:

Eastern WVCTC Foundation
316 Eastern Drive
Moorefield, WV 26836